September 29, 2023 – Take the Taco Bell Survey to Win 500$

tellthebell com Taco Bell Survey
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Take the Taco Bell Survey at and Win $500.

The Tell the Bell survey is a customer satisfaction survey, launched by Taco Bell, in order to gather candid feedback from restaurant visitors. To provide customers with an incentive to take part, all participants are then entered into a sweepstake, with multiple winners being selected. The lucky winners then receive a $500 cash prize.

Entry into the prize draw simply requires successful completion of the online survey, while participation in the survey requires customers to make a purchase at Taco Bell and retain their receipt. The information gathered from the survey is then used by the company to inform their customer service strategy and make improvements.

Taco Bell Survey Prices.

  • Entry for chance to win $500 in TellTheBell sweepstakes
  • 4 Prices are available per Entry Period. A new Entry Period starts every month.

How to Complete the Tell the Bell Survey.

and enter the Taco Bell sweepstakes.

After your meal at Taco Bell, keep hold of your receipt, or take note of the 16-digit survey code on the back before discarding it. Then, visit the Taco Bell customer satisfaction survey website at, enter your unique survey code in the box provided, and click on the ‘Start’ button to begin.

From there, you will need to go through the various questions about the customer experience you were met with while eating at Taco Bell. For example, you may be asked to rate your overall satisfaction with your visit, with the available options ranging from ‘highly satisfied’ through to ‘highly dissatisfied’.

You are also likely to be asked much more specific questions about your visit, with typical questions revolving around the speed of service, the quality of the food, the cleanliness of the restaurant, the accuracy of your order, the friendliness of staff and whether or not you encountered any problems during the visit.

Most of the questions will be multiple choice, but you may occasionally be asked to enter more detailed thoughts. As you advance through the survey, the progress bar at the bottom will show you how much of the survey you have completed.

At the end, you will be asked for contact details, then will be automatically entered into the prize draw. Remember to enter a valid contact email address.

tellthebell com
Enter the 16-digit survey code from your receipt in the 4 boxes on the start page. If you do not have a survey code, click on “Click here”, to enter the Taco Bell store number and time and date instead.

Enter Taco Bell’s TelltheBell Competition with no Purchase.

You can also enter the competion for free, without making a single purchase.

This is done by a Mail-In Entry, and this is how you do it:

  1. Write your name, address, city, state, zip code, date of birth and your email address on a 3″ X 5″ piece of paper.
  2. Mail the paper or card in an envelope to:
  • Taco Bell Survey Sweepstakes
  • PO Box 251328
  • West Bloomfield, MA 48325

Tell the Bell Survey Terms and Conditions.

After completing your survey, make sure you enter a valid email address and phone number, so that you can be contacted in the event that you win the sweepstake. Many of the other most common problems with the Tell the Bell survey can be understood by reading and understanding the terms and conditions.

  • For prize draw purposes, there are specific entry periods, which last one month.
  • Each person can only enter once per entry period.
  • Participants in the survey must be at least 18 years old at the point of entering the sweepstake.
  • Entrants in the United States must be legally residing in the country. India.

Customers at branches in Australia and India are also eligible, but should use different websites to enter.
Customers living in India should click here instea, for the Indian TelltheBell website. Australia.

Customers at branches in Australia and India are also eligible, but should use different websites to enter. Customers living in Australia can take the Tell the Bell survey here.

About Taco Bell – History and Contact Information.

tellthebell com Taco Bell SurveyFounded by Glen Bell in 1962, Taco Bell is a fast food chain, which specialises in Tex-Mex cuisine, with core products including tacos, burritos, nachos and other similar items.
The company is based in Irvine, California, but now has thousands of restaurants located all around the world, albeit with the majority situated in the United States.

Contact Taco Bell.

Should you need to get in touch, Taco Bell can be contacted in the following ways:

Headquarters Phone Number: 1-949-863-4500
Customer Service Department: 1-800-822-6235
Headquarters Address: 1 Glen Bell Way, Irvine, California 92618

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14 thoughts on “ – Take the Taco Bell Survey to Win 500$

  1. Great place to eat. I’m usually there at least once a day. They are fast and efficient and have reasonable prices.

  2. extremely w.ell-run,well staffed restaurant. This is highly noticeable to a 5 visits a week new comer.You make it almost impossible to visit ot ther local fast-food restaurants. I also want to let you know that new items on menue are impressive. Very few in any “bombs”

  3. taco bell in Paducah Kentucky has been of supplies 3 times to make my order like quesadilla, nachos and chicken tacos

  4. I went to Taco Bell on 7/3/19 and got a taco salad it was very good, however they did not put a fork or napkins in the salad box, it is very hard to eat a taco salad without a fork. I also went on 7/14 and ordered tacos’ and cimminon crips and got the tacos but not the crips, the staff is friendly and the new store is great and clean, but they need to pay more attention when they give you your food.

  5. Second time in two days the rice is crunchy like nuts. we got two power menu chicken salads in tray both times. the third time is not again. We told then to eat some rice to verify the problem. They went on about there jobs. Evidently did not understand.

  6. Best tacos around. Been going to Taco Bell, for years. Wish there was one in our town. Good service, clean and good tacos.

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