September 29, 2023
Dunkin Donuts coupon FREE Donut
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Pocket a coupon for a free donut at Dunkin’ Donuts by taking the TellDunkin Guest Satisfaction Survey.

By finishing and submitting the TellDunkin customer satisfaction survey, you will receive a coupon code that can be used to get a free donut or another free item.

You can also enter Dunkin Donut’s ‘Win a Mint’ Sweepstakes to win a gift card or free coffee for a year.

Dunkin Donuts Survey Prices.

As an added bonus, the Dunkin’s Donuts Guest Satisfaction Survey won’t only let you give feedback directly to the company. You will also receive a sweet incentive to share your experiences and complete the survey.

Upon completing the survey, you will get a Dunkin Donuts gift code which is redeemable on your next visit at any Dunkin Donuts store. The validation code is convertible to either one free doughnut or one 3oz. soft serve cone when you buy a medium or large soft drink.

Just read through to know the steps and the things you’ll need to enter the Dunkin’ Donuts Guest Satisfaction Survey and get your Dunkin Donuts validation code to enjoy a free doughnut or soft serve cone!

dunkin donuts coupon for free donut
Usually, your receipt what kind of coupon or reward that Dunkin Donuts offer for completing the survey. Please note, that you must write down the Validation Code on the receipt and hand it in to receive your reward. Also, often the free donut or item must be accompanied by a purchase of a beverage.

About TellDunkin: DunkinDonut Guest Satisfaction Survey.

One of Dunkin Donuts’ main secret to success is their attention to providing exceptional customer service. The company improves and maintains their customer service standards by determining the improvements needed by the help of their most reliable resources – their customers. This is the key factor that Dunkin Donuts relies on as Dunkin’ Donuts invites their customers to complete the “TellDunkin” Survey.

TellDunkin – Dunkin Donuts’ Guest Satisfaction Survey just might be the sweetest survey questionnaire you’ll take, which is just as sweet as the doughnut or soft serve cone that you will be rewarded with. The most of effective way of getting what customers have to say about a products or service is by knowing how satisfied they are through this survey.
Through the TellDunkins survey, the company then gets all the necessary information they need: the customers’ level of satisfaction, feedback, comments, and suggestion. This information will then be their basis in determining the improvements and changes they will implement to their customer service, as well as with their products.

www telldunkin com dunkin donuts survey
To get started, visit and enter your 18 digit survey code from your receipt.

How to Enter Dunkin’ Donuts Guest Satisfaction Survey.

To complete the survey, prepare the following:

  1. A computer, laptop, or a mobile device.
  2. Reliable internet access.
  3. A valid and recent Dunkin Donuts receipt. The purchase should be made at least three days prior to taking the survey.
  4. A pen.

TellDunkin Step-By-Step Instructions: 

Here are the steps to enter and complete the TellDunkin Survey:

  1. Prepare your receipt from your latest transaction with Dunkin Donuts, which should be at least within three days from date of transaction.
  2. Visit or to access the Dunkin’ Donuts’ Guest Satisfaction Survey page.
  3. The TellDunkin page may first prompt you to the language selection page. The default language of the page is English, but you can also take the survey in Spanish.
  4. Look for the 18-digit survey code at the bottom part of the receipt, and enter it on the field on the middle part of the screen. If there’s no survey code indicated on your receipt, just click on the link that says, “My receipt does not have a survey code.” On the next page, you will be required to enter the following details based on your receipt: “Store Number,” and “Date and Time” of your visit.
  5. To take the survey, just click on the “Next” or “Start” button.
  6. This will take you to the survey page, where you will be asked to rate the different aspects of their products and services. Accomplish the survey as accurately and truthfully as possible.
  7. At the end of the survey, the website will generate a Dunkin Donut validation code for you. This is composed of a series of letters, which you need to write down on your receipt. You can then present this receipt with the validation code at any Dunkin Donuts store on your next visit to enjoy your yummy prize! Please note that the validation code is only valid up to 180 days after completing the Dunkin Donuts Guest Satisfaction Survey.

Dunkin Donuts coupon FREE Donut

TellDunkin Survey Rules and Restrictions.

  • The Dunkin Donuts validation code must be used and claimed within 180 days after completion of the survey. Otherwise, the code will expire.
  • Only one receipt will be issued per customer per visit.
  • Validation codes are non-transferable and cannot be copied. Otherwise, it will be voided.
  • The survey appreciation token cannot valid be claimed when combined with other promotions.
  • The tax applicable will still be paid by the customer.

TellDunkin Resources Section.

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8 thoughts on “ Survey

  1. I enjoy shopping at my Kroger store every week. The people are friendly, & the store is clean & convenient.

  2. We stop at Dunkin on our way to Maggie Valley at exit #170. Everyone is friendly and helpful – and I love getting my carmel swirl lattee!!

  3. Yesterday 05/10/2018 Thursday about 12:30 PM. I visited Dunkin Donuts store #300479. as I eat my apple fritter, I watched a young employee wipe off the tables and chairs with the same damp cloth. When He finished, as he started back behind the counter, I called him to me and said “Do you realize that you just wiped all the tables with the same rag that you wiped the seats with? Would you eat from a table where everyone had put their butt?” He was embarrassed but said that is how his manager told him to do it. I don’t feel good about eating their again until I know this policy has been resolved . my survey code is 23301-00479-1205-1089 William Steele Nichols, NY.

    1. I went to dunkin donuts this morning ask for hash browns (large) the waiter told me you only have one size I have always order a small hash browns I felt very disrespected when he question me about my order your employees really need people skills, also when I got to my designated area my food, and cheese was not melted it was cold I LOVE DUNKIN I WOULD HATE TO SHALLOW AWAY PLEASE HELP. Thank you concern

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