September 29, 2023

Pizza Hut Deals – Pizaa Hut Specials

Welcome to! Prices are updated for 2023. Please use the 'Search' function for 'Secret Menus', and current deals and specials.

Pizza Hut Deals & Specials.

Looking for the latest Pizza Hut special deals and coupon codes? Then please read on.

This page lists all long-term Pizza Hut deals, menu specials, promotions, discounts and promo codes, making it easy to browse from your phone. Unlike on other sites, you don’t need to click a coupon box to reveal a coupon codes. All special deals are listed in the comment section below, and the full list of Pizza Hut promo codes is on our page:

Pizza Hut coupon codes.

Pizza Hut deals: Pizza Hut Lovers Signup.

Pizza Hut Lovers is Pizza Huts´s own newsletter/loyalty scheme.

The Pizza Hut Lovers signup can be done here:

and you can choose to receive deals in your email inbox and/or per sms. A Hut Lovers email typically includes coupon codes, deals, as well as alerts for new Pizza Hut pizza roll-outs.

You ill typically received 5 to 10 emails per month, including offers of free cheese sticks, 50% discounts etc. The savings are worthwhile, but you should be ready to receive a plethora of emails, so preferably you should sign up with your secondary email address.

Examples of Pizza Hut deals.

  • Online offers only:  To promote online ordering, Pizza Hut has been offering a $7.99 “Digital Deal” on a large, two-topping pizza that must be ordered online.
  • $5 Off when you order with a Visa Card (Minimum $25 Online Orders).
  • Buy 1 Get 1 Free Large Pizza Order With Visa Card or on special occasions (Super Bowl, New Year etc).

Hut Lovers will send you an introductory deal just for signing up and many off the deals dont have expiration dates.

Pizza Hut deals 50 off
Typical Pizza Hut Lovers Email promotion.

Pizza Hut Big Dinner Box deals.

If you order out a lot of items, especially pizzas, you should definitely consider the Dinner box deals.

Pizza Hut offers a dinner box deal that is irressistable: The Dinner Box comes with a medium rectangular, 1-topping pan pizza, five breadsticks, and 10 cinnamon sticks with a sweet icing cup for just 10$. If you ordered these items at regular menu prices, the whole order would am0unt to about $17. As the regular price of a medium, 1-topping pizza  is  around $10, then its a deal that is a “no-brainer”.

A little about Pizza Hut:

More than 50 years ago, 2 brothers borrowed $600 from their mother to open their first Pizza Hut in Kansas. By 2012 Pizza Hut had over 6,000 restaurants in the United States, as well as 5,139 locations in 94 other countries around the world.

These days Pizza Hut also serves pasta, chicken wings, breadsticks and have even released a Pizza Hut perfume (not kidding).

Pizza Hut Coupon Codes & Coupons.

Most of the Pizza Hut Specials include the use of a Coupon code or Promo code, that must be entered at checkout hen you order online or with the Pizza Hut app.

For more on Pizza Hut coupon code deals, please see Pizza Hut Coupon codes.

We will add the latest deals and specials in the comment section below. You can also add information about special offers yourself, for others to enjoy.

-Pizza Hut Deals and Pizza Hut Specials 2021-2022.

The menus have been updated for 2023! Please use 'Search' for 'Secret Menus', nutritional menus with calorie count, as well as current deals, coupons and specials.
Please add your experience with this restaurant in the comment section. Thank you!

5 thoughts on “Pizza Hut Deals – Pizaa Hut Specials

  1. New special promotion for 2015: You can now get Free Breadsticks when you buy a normal priced Large Pizza online. It cannot be combined with another code for a discounted pizza.
    Just add the breadsticks to your Pizza Hut Cart and enter this code at checkout:
    Pizza Hut Breadsticks Promo Code: EEOFREESTICKSWPIZZA

  2. The Pizza Hut 10$ Box Deal is one of the best deals at Pizza Hut. Bought separately, the items come to more than 22$! You can get a 1-Topping rectangular Medium Pizza, 5 Breadsticks with Marinara & 10 Cinnamon Sticks for $10.

    The things is , though, that sometimes your local Pizza Hut will offer the deal without a code, even though other areas require a promo code to get the special price.
    If you need a promotional code, then use this: 10BOX

    You can also often get deal by clicking on the $10 Dinner Box link in the Deals section of, but extra charges for delivery and minimum purchase requirements may vary.

  3. Not everybody knows this, but you can now add extra flavors For Free:
    Add 1 of 8 new crust flavors or 1 of 4 sauces for free! Participation depends on local stores. The sauce drizzles, crust add-ons (pretzel crust, cheddar, asiago, etc.), are all free, and you can add flavor to normal breadsticks (with cheeses or coated flavors such as fiery red pepper) for free. Spinach and balsamic drizzle on a veggie pizza is very popular! No coupon code is required!

  4. There is a great new $11 Any Pizza, Any size deal on offer: Just go to the ‘DEALS’ tab on Pizza Hut’s website, and its the Online Only Offer – ANY for $11. Any size, any toppings up to 5, or a specialty pizza. They are only $11 for any pizza, when ordering online without a code! No coupon necessary. Offer valid for a limited time only at select locations.

  5. There is a superb long-running deal at Pizza Hut for $5 off on orders of $25 or more. Valid for a limited time. Participation may vary by location.
    Online use only and not valid in combination with any other deals.
    Simply use the coupon code: VISAFIVE

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