September 29, 2023
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Pizza Hut Coupon Codes.

Looking for current Pizza Hut coupon codes? Then read on.

You can easily save 25% on medium and large pizzas and sometimes even get 50% off with a Pizza Hut coupon code.

And we have added a list of the latest Pizza Hut promo codes in the comment section below. This page will be updated every week.

Pizza Hut Coupon Codes.

You are now most likely asking how you can find the best deals from
Well, that is why we are here. Take a look below at our for Pizza Hut coupon code section for all of the most recent deals.

It is important that you always keep an eye on the expiration date for various coupons. The most recent promo codes and Pizza Hut coupons will be found on our pages, but expired coupons will also feature. Visitors can vote on the various promo codes, howvever, so please note the success rate of the various coupon codes.

What is Pizza Hut?

The American restaurant chain, Pizza Hut (or Pizza Hut, Inc.) offers several different varieties of outstanding pizzas. They also have other menu items such as buffalo wings, pasta dishes, and breadsticks, etc. Yum! Brands, Inc. is the mother company of Pizza Hut. Yum! Brands is the largest restaurant company in the world. In the United States, there are more than 6000 Pizza Hut restaurants in operation, and in 94 other countries around the world, there are more than 5600 Pizza Hut restaurants. Pizza Hut Inc. is now the largest pizza chain in America.

Dan and Frank Carney founded Pizza Hut in 1958, in Wichita, Kansas. The two brothers borrowed $600 from their mother in order to start the business, with a third partner, John Bender. They purchased secondhand equipment and rented a small, 600 square foot building in downtown Wichita in order to begin their pizza restaurant. When the Carney brothers and their partner, Bender, opened up that first “Pizza Hut” restaurant, they created a great deal of local interest from the very first night by giving away pizza. There is a very simple reason why the name “Pizza Hut” was chosen for their restaurant; there was only enough space for nine characters on the sign they had purchased.

In the United States, Pizza Hut restaurants are most famous for their “Stuffed Crust” pizza. This pizza has an outer crust that surrounds a center of mozzarella cheese. For a more traditional crust, they offer the Hand-Tossed pizza. They also have the “Thin ‘N Crispy” pizza which is made with a crisp, thin dough; this was the original style of pizza for Pizza Hut. Recently, they have introduced the “Dipping Strips pizza”, a pizza that is basically cut into small strips and is then dipped into various kinds of sauce. Lastly, they have, “The Edge” pizza. This pizza is again, slightly different, as all of your favorite toppings reach to the furthest edge of the pizza.

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Enjoy your savings!

-Pizza Hut coupon codes-

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  1. Promo Code K2 Any Side and a 2 Liter of Pepsi.
    Choose from Breadsticks, Baked Cinnamon Sticks, Apple Pies, Dunkers, Wedge Fries OR Stuffed pizza rolls and a 2 Liter.

  2. Pizza Hut coupon code: 92
    Discount for a Large Pizza (up to 3 toppings) and an order of Wings.(Worked in February 2012)

  3. This Pizza Hut coupon code has worked for many:
    Coupon Code: 543
    for a Medium Pizza, up to 3 toppings, & Breadsticks for $10.

  4. NEW Pizza Hut Deal:
    $4 PIZZA ROLLERS WITH ORDER OF ANY $10 PIZZA. Get an Order of Stuffed Pizza Rollers for Only $4 When you Buy any Pizza Hut Pizza, any Size, any Toppings for Just $10. This offer totally rocks,if i may say. (i may)

  5. New Pizza Hut coupon code 2012: LARGE PIZZA UP TO 3 DIFFERENT TOPPINGS + ORDER OF 8 WINGSTREET WINGS FOR $16. Use Code:519.
    Did it work for you? Vote!

  6. Try this Pizza Hut promo code/coupon Code: YB
    This is for a Medium pizza up to 3 toppings, a pan of Tuscani pasta, 8 wings and 5 bread sticks.

    How to Use Pizza Hut Coupon Codes:
    Go to checkout and enter your credit card info.
    Type or paste the coupon code above in the “Promotion Code” box.
    Complete your purchase.

  7. 2 MEDIUM 2-TOPPING $5.99 EACH
    use promo code:M59 or EMDT2FA9
    for 2 Medium 2 Topping Handmade Crust to the Edge, $5.99 Each

    Great Pizza Hut Dinner Box offer with 1 Medium Rectangular 1-Topping Pizza + 5 Breadsticks with Marinara Dipping Sauce + 10 Cinnamon Sticks with Icing – All for Only $10. Limited time offer.

    Get Your Wings for Just 50 Cents Every Wednesday. Choose from 8 flavors and 3 different styles. Limited time offer. Wingalicious!

  10. Get Any Pizza Hut pizza For $9
    Coupon Code:LG9
    Get Any Pizza, Any Size, Any Toppings for Just $9. Online Only. Excludes Cheesy Crust Pizza. Expires 7/6/13.

  11. New Pizza Hut coupon codes:

    20% Off the whole Pizzahut site:
    Pizza Hut Coupon Code: 20PCT913
    Take 20% Off Your Entire Online Order. Expires 9/15/13.

    2 Large Pizzas + Pizza Hut Breadsticks For $20
    Pizza Hut Coupon Code: SPIRIT
    Get 1 Large 3-topping Pizza, 1 Large 1-topping Pizza & 5 Breadsticks For Just $20

  12. $9 Pizzas Sitewide
    Pizza Hut Coupon Code: 9ANY
    Any Pizza, Any Size, Any Toppings for Just $9. Online Only. Valid through 10/26/2013.

  13. Pizza Hut Coupon Code for Large 3-Topping Pizza For $7.99.
    Get a Large 3-Topping Pizza for just $7.99.
    Pizza Hut Code:EEOLG3TOP799

  14. $9 Pizzas Online!
    Get Any Pizza, Any Size for Just $9. Cheesy crust not included. Pizza Hut coupon code 2014: 9ANY

  15. Pizza Hut coupon code for 2014:
    Get a Large 2-Topping Stuffed Crust Pizza For $10.
    Coupon code: EEO2TSTUFFED10

  16. Get 2 Medium 3-Topping Pizzas For just $5.99 for each Pizza.
    Use coupon code: EEO2MD3T599

  17. Get a Large Pizza, 1 Side, & 2 Liter online for Just $15.
    Pizza Hut coupon code: CX
    Only for a limited time!

  18. New Pizza Hut promo code for 2014:
    Just $9 For Any Pizza, Any Size, Any Toppings
    with the promo Code: ONLG9
    Offer Ends 03/31/2014

  19. Great NEW Pizza Hut coupon code!
    Get a Medium 3-Topping Pizza For just $6.
    Use PizzaHut Coupon Code: TEOMED3T6
    Only at Participating Pizza Hut Restaurants, and online orders only.

  20. Get 2 Large “Lovers Line” Pizzas For $8.75 Each
    Use th Promo Code: EEO2LOVERS1750
    Get Pepperoni, Meat, Ultimate Cheese, or Veggie Lovers Pizzas for just $8.75 Each.

  21. Buy 2 Medium 3-Topping Pizzas For $5.99 Each.

    Get 2 Medium 3-Topping Pizzas for Just $5.99 Each. Valid at participating Restaurants only.
    Code: EEO2MD3T599

  22. Get $5 Off $25+ Online Orders With Visa Card

    $5 off $25+ online orders when you pay with Visa. Valid in participating locations.
    Pizzahut coupon code: VISAFIVE
    Expires 10/31/2014

  23. Get any medium or large Pizza Hut pizza with up to 5 toppings or a specialty pizza for just $11. Valid for a limited time
    Use the promo code: ELEVENONLINE

  24. Pizza Hut coupon code for 2015:
    Get 2 Medium Pizzas with 4 Total Toppings For just $6.99 Each
    Use the code: MDY70

  25. Get Free Breadstick Large Pizza Purchase (bought at normal menu prices).
    You have to add the breadsticks to your pizza Hut Cart and thenenter the code at checkout. Use the promo code: EEOFREESTICKSWPIZZA
    Valid at participating locations only.

  26. $11 Any Pizza – Online Only Deal. Any size, any toppings up to 5, or a specialty pizza. They are only $11 for any pizza, when ordering online without a code! No coupon necessary. Just go to the ‘DEALS’ tab on Pizza Hut’s website, and its the Online Only Offer – ANY for $11. Offer valid for a limited time only at select locations.

  27. Large Stuffed Crust 1-topping Pizza, Flavored Up For $9.99.
    TIP: Order the 3 topping 1 large pizza for $7.99 get the Stuffed Crust for the $9.99 advertised price. You’re getting 2 additional toppings! Go to Deals on the Pizza Hut homepage.

  28. Family Pasta With Breadsticks And A 2 Liter drink For $14.
    Use the code: MDM21

  29. You can now get $5 Off at Pizza Hut for $25 (or more) orders.
    Get $5 off when you spend $25 or more. Valid at participating locations only.
    Use this Pizza Hut promo code: visafive

  30. $10 Pizza Hut Dinner Box Deal: Pizza, Breadsticks And Cinnamon Sticks for $10.

    Get the $10 Dinner Box Deal, with a 1-topping pizza, 5 breadsticks with marinara, and 10 cinnamon sticks! Valid for a limited time at participating restaurants.
    You get: 1-Topping pizza, 5 Breadsticks with Marinara, 10 Cinnamon Sticks.
    Use the Pizza Hut coupon code: 10box

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