September 29, 2023
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McDonalds Secret Menu.

The McDonald’s “secret” menu  refers to menu items that are not listed on the “normal” restaurant menu. Instead, you will have to ask your server for the items by name. Most servers will know of the most popular secret menu items, but don’t be surprised if some of the items on this list will be met with a question mark. If so, then, simply explain what the item is, and they will make it for you.

Here is the list of the most popular secret menu items:

McDonald’s Secret Menu.

The Land, Sea, and Air Burger.

Cost: $8.49. (with Big Mac), $5.49 (with McDouble)

What it is: This is meats from everywhere in one, ridiculous burger. Beef (land), fish (sea), chicken (air), between 2 or 3 buns. (2 buns for the smaller McDouble.

The Mc10:35

Cost: $3.49

What it is: Used to be only available between 10:30 and 11:00 am, henece the name, but this was before they introduced the all-day breakfast. Order an Egg McMuffin and a McDouble, then put the beef patties inside the McMuffin.

The McCrepe.

Cost: $3.49

What it is: Order a hotcake and a yogurt parfait, and then empty your yogurt parfait into the hotcake.

The McGangBang.

Cost: $2.00

What it is: Order a McDouble and a McChicken and put the McChicken between the beef patties..

The McKinley Mac.

Cost: $4.49

What it is: The McKinley Mac is like a Big Mac, but with two quarter-pound patties. Simply ask for a Big Mac with quarter-pound patties.

The Monster Mac.

Cost: $6.49

What it is: A stonking 8 beef patties between Bic Mac buns. The Monster Mac. Ask for a Big Mac with eight patties. Only for the die-hard fans!

The McLeprechaun Shake.

Cost: Small $1.99

Medium $2.49

Large $2.89

What it is: This only available in March, because of St. Patricks Day. Simply blend the Shamrock Shake with a  Chocolate Shake,

Neapolitan Shake.

Cost: Small $1.99

Medium $2.49

Large $2.89

What it is: Just ask for a blend of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry milkshakes.

The Pie McFlurry.

Cost: $2.69 Snack Size

$3.39 Regular

What it is: A slice of pie, blended into the McFlurry ice cream.

Big McChicken.

Cost: $6.99 (With Big Mac). $4.00 (With McDouble)

What it is: This burger adds beef between McDonalds’ McChicken patties. Insert a Big Mac or a McDouble between the chicken patties.

2 Cheeseburger Meal.

Cost: $4.69.

What it is: 2 classic cheeseburgers, with fries, and a drink.

Chicken McGriddle Biscuits and Gravy.

Cost: $1.99

Not available everywhere, but mostly available in Southern States.

What it is: A McDonalds biscuit with sausage gravy.

Big Mac Sauce Fries.

What it is: Ask for the Big Mac sauce on the side, when ordering fries.

Poor Man’s Big Mac.

Cost: $2.00

What it is: A McDouble, without mustard and ketchup, but with added Big Mac sauce, and add lettuce. It is less than half the price of a Big Mac, but with all the meat!

mcdonalds secret menu
The infamous Land, Air and Sea Burger from McDonald’s secret menu. Digest at your own risk!

List of All the McDonald’s Secret Menu Items:

Most servers will know these secret menu items, but don’t fret, if your server doesn’t know them by name. McDonalds have never officially announced that the secret menu exists.

Caramel Apple Sundae
Chicken Cordon Bleu McMuffin
Chicken McGriddle
Cinnamon Melt a la Mode
Fries with Big Mac Sauce
Grilled Cheese
Hash Browns McMuffin
Land, Sea, and Air Burger
McBrunch Burger
McDonalds Dipping Sauces
McKinley Mac
McLeprechaun Shake
Monster Mac
Neapolitan Shake
Orange Creamsicle
Poor Man’s Big Mac
Root Beer Float
Strawberry Eggnog Shake
2 Cheeseburger Meal
Add an Egg to your Burger
All American
Apple Pie McFlurry
Big Mac ‘n’ Cheese
Big McChicken
Biscuits and Gravy

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