September 29, 2023

McDonalds Dollar Menu – McDonalds Value Menu

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McDonalds Dollar Menu.

See the full McDonalds Value Menu with prices.

McDonalds have not been able to turn a profit from the 1 Dollar menu, as the items were simply too cheap. So, this year the menu have expanded and more “expensive ” items have been included. The menu has also been renamed to McDonalds Dollar Menu & More.

McDonalds badly needs to boost their falling revenues, as too many people buy only the dollar items, which doesn’t bring in any profit. However, there are still plenty of bargains on the value menu for us price-conscious consumers.

Below we have added the full McDonalds Dollar Menu and the McDonalds Extra Value Menu, for you to browse.

For the FULL McDonalds Menu with prices, please visit our page McDonalds Menu Prices.

NEWS: February 29th 2016: 1 month after launching the McPick 2 For $2 menu—from which you could choose pair of burgers, chicken sandwiches, order of mozzarella sticks, or small french fries for two dollars, the 2 for $2 menu has now been thrown out and replaced with the McPick 2 For $5 menu. Starting February 29, the new McPick 2 menu will cost $5 instead. It includes the Big Mac, Filet-o-Fish, Quarter Pounder or 10-piece chicken nuggets. All can be paired with fries.
The Dollar Menu have NOT been completely discontinued, however. There are still several items for $1 dollar available, as you can see below.


McDonalds Extra Value Menu

Chicken Ranch Snack Wrap (Choose between Grilled or Crispy) $1.69
Mozzarella Sticks – 3 Sticks $1.19
French Fries Small $1.39
French Fries Medium $1.79
French Fries Large $1.89

McDonalds Dollar Menu & More

Grilled Onion Cheddar Burger $1.00
McDouble $1.39
McChicken Burger $1.29
Double Cheeseburger $1.69
Daily Double $1.99
Bacon McDouble $1.99
BBQ Ranch Burger $1.00
Double Cheeseburger $1.69
4 Pieces of Chicken McNuggets $1.99
20 Pieces of Chicken McNuggets $5.00
Side Salad $1.59
Premium Coffee (Small) $1.00
Sweet Tea (Small) $1.00
Soft Drinks (Small) $1.00
Parfait $1.00
Apple Pie $1.00
Soft Baked Chocolate Chip Cookie – 1 Cookies $0.39
Soft Baked Chocolate Chip Cookie – 3 Cookies $1.00
Cone $1.00
Sundae (Choose between Hot Fudge or Caramel) $1.29
Apple Slices $1.00

Other Value items 

Hamburger $0.89
Cheeseburger $1.00

McDonalds Value Breakfast Menu

Sausage Burrito $1.29
Sausage McMuffin $1.19
Sausage Biscuit $1.19
1 Hash Browns $1.09
Coffee Small $1.00
Egg & Cheese Biscuit $1.39
Cinnamon Melt $1.69


Bon Appetit!

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9 thoughts on “McDonalds Dollar Menu – McDonalds Value Menu

  1. A great new McDonald’s 2 for $2 promotion, the McPick 2, is currently running: For just $2 you will get any 2 of these items: McChicken sandwich, McDouble sandwich, Mozzarella Sticks (3 piece) or a small French Fries. Just ask for a McPick 2. Great deal, but for a limited time only!

  2. McDonald’s is launching a new McPick 2 for $5 Menu on Monday Feb. 29. This is happening only a few months after McDonald’s launched its “McPick 2 for $2” deal. McDonalds new McPick 2 for $5 menu means that you can choose 2 of these for $5:

    Big Mac
    10-piece Chicken McNuggets
    Quarter Pounder with Cheese.

    The deal is meant to replace the 2 for $2 deal. It’s unclear, if the new offer is another short-term meal deal, or a long-term menu. Read more about the deal here:

  3. I just got the egg&cheese biscuit and was charged an extra ,40 cents for the cheese,not 1.39 like this site states,but 1.79

  4. They no longer show a dollar menu that includes anything other than drinks on the sign in drive through. Forcing you to order more expensive options.

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