September 29, 2023
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Jimmy Johns Coupons, Specials and 1$ Subs Deals.

Looking for discounts for Jimmy Johns? Then read on. We add any deals for Jimmy Johns, that we come across, here on this page, in the comment section.

We aim to collect the latest Jimmy Johns coupons, promotions and discounts on 1 page here, for you to browse. Just jump to the comment section. We update this page every 1 or  2 months with the newest promotions.

Jimmy Johns Coupons – Where can I find them?

In general Jimmy Johns shops don’t use coupons actively the same way as like Pizza Hut, Subway etc.

However, a good place to look is the company Facebook page at for new deals.

Jimmy Johns prefer to offer excellent discounts across the board.

For example:

  • Christmas 10% off at all Jimmy John’s special. This promotions was for all items across the board and is usually revived every festival period.
  • The Jimmy Johns 1$ Subs Promotion – The company will sometime offers Jimmy Johns 1$  Subs  sandwiches for a whole day.
  •  Jimmy John’s  “Customer Appreciation Day.” Look out in local advertising for this customer promotion day. We will add news of upcoming Customer Appreciating Days in the comment section.

Up to Date Jimmy John coupons, promo codes, deals and tips will be published in the comment section below. Feel free to add a comment or if you hear of a Jimmy Johns deal in you local area.

You can also browse the Jimmy Johns Menu on our website.

The Jimmy Johns Home page is found here.

-Jimmy Johns Coupons and Promotions-

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  1. You can now order Party Platters and more online, and they will be delivered to your door. There will be an additional charge for delivery orders. See: www.

  2. Gift Certificates: Jimmy Johns now offer gift cards that you can “top up” whenever you want. They will never expire. The gift cards are available in $5 increments. more at: www. They will not offer you any discounts on menu items, however.


    So far in 2014, the Customer Appreciation Day has just been an occasional happening, but there was a Customer Appreciation Day last year in the beginning of November, so probably they will repreise the success this year.

    Please, comment here if you hear about a Customer Appreciation Day in your area.

  4. Current Jimmy Johns Promo Codes for 2016. Not all have been confirmed!

    SJHDR9 – Get 10% savings on any order.
    SJYT412 – 5% off online.
    SJ514C – Extra 5% OFF online.
    SJSUPER3 – On $600 plus purchase get 20% discount.
    freeship – get free shipping with this code.
    SJBX6 – 10% OFF sidewide with this coupon code.
    SJ2TIME – 20% OFF with a coupon.
    SJWELCOME3 – 5% Off using this coupon.

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