September 29, 2023
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Fast Food Near Me.

Find fast food restaurants, pizza restaurants and sandwich places in your city/area here.

See the list of the top 5 apps for finding restaurants in your area.

If you hungry right now, then please take your time to peruse the map below.

It shows the closest fast food to your location right. now. The GPS must be turned on, if you are using a mobile device.

If you are looking for the best apps to download, then please see the bottom of the page. Enjoy!

Find Fast Food Restaurants near me.

Browse Restaurant Menus.

On our menu page, we have included actual menu prices, so you get an idea of the menu prices and menu items before you visit the restaurant of you choice.

Also, please note that menu prices will be an example only, a national average, if you will. Prices may vary from location to location, due to differences in labour cost, rent and other overhead costs in different parts of the country. Also, restaurant chains that use the franchise business model will let the franchisees set the prices locally.

Please use the search function, to find the menu for your restaurant chain of choice.

Restaurant Coupons and Deals.

Also, please make see comment section on each menu page, for current deals and coupons. We have also added deals, and sometimes promo codes, for the various fast food restaurants and pizza chains, such as Papa Johns Pizza, Dominos Pizza, Pizza Hut and the Olive Garden restaurant chain.

Secret Menus.

Secret menus become increasingly popular. The Secret menus are unofficial and unadvertised items on restaurant menus around the world. Secret menus items are passed from person to person through word-of-mouth and they change often for promotional purposes. An example is the McDonald’s Monster Mac wich has eight beef patties versus the standard two in a traditional Big Mac. Additionally, Taco Bell customers can ask for “Cheesarito” (a soft tortilla filled with cheesea and scallions) and the off-menu Superman Burrito, which is a cheesy double beef burrito with extra potatoes, guacamole and tortilla strips

Fast Food Map.

An industrious soul has since 2007 added more than 49000 fast food restaurants to an interactive map. The map includes McDonald’s, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell,Wendy’s , KFC, Jack in the Box, Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. restaurants. Unfortunately, there is no search function on the site, but you can zoom in and out on a map of America. See the map at

Top Apps for Finding Fast Food Places Near Me.

The Top 5 Restaurant Finder/Fast Food Finder Apps.

OpenTable App (iOS/Android/BlackBerry/WP7/WebOS)

Reservations are still OpenTable’s main business,, but the team behind the app have also partnered with Yelp to exchange reviews and reservations. The app allows you to see nearby restaurants, earn points and awards for making reservations through the service, and read helpful reviews from OpenTable members.

Google Places Restaurant App (iOS/Android)

The iPhone and Android apps leverage Google’s growing database of restaurant information and user-submitted information to help you find restaurants, cafes and bars near you at any time. Tap a location to see photos, read reviews and see opening hours. In Android, the app is part of Google Maps, and lets you get driving directions or call the restaurant directly.

Urbanspoon App (iOS/Android/BlackBerry)

Urbanspoon’s app allows you to share and compare your reviews with friends, find restaurants near you, and everything else that most restaurant-search apps do. Now, Urbanspoon also integrates reviews from newspapers and food blogs. This adds authority and weight to the reviews that other services are lacking.

Foodspotting App (iOS/Android/BlackBerry/WP7)

Foodspotting encourages you to search and share dishes that you enjoy, not just restaurants. So when you use Foodspotting, you can take pictures of the food and drink that you like, upload it, share some thoughts, and then tell the community your location. When you use the mobile app, you’re shown photos of dishes near you, not just a list of restaurants in your neighbourhood. The community can then like and share your photos.

Yelp Restaurant App (iOS/Android/BlackBerry/WP7/WebOS)

In addition to its mobile site, Yelp has mobile apps for every platform, and all of them use your phone’s on-board GPS to find out and show you what restaurants in your area. You can filter based on hours of operation, type of food , and estimated costs. There are plenty of reviews for almost any restaurant, but not all of them are reliable.

Bon appetit!

The menus have been updated for 2023! Please use 'Search' for 'Secret Menus', nutritional menus with calorie count, as well as current deals, coupons and specials.
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