September 29, 2023
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Chinese Food Delivery Near Me.

See the very best apps for finding Chinese Restaurants that deliver near your current location, city or zip code.

Browse the map for Chinese Restaurants, Chinese Food Delivery, Chinese Takeaway near me, and Chinese Buffets near your location, plus post reviews of your favourite Chinese Restaurants.

The list of restaurant apps is updated bi-annually. Feel free to add a suggestion for new apps in the comment section.

Use the Map – Find Chinese Restaurants that deliver.

The Best Apps for Finding Chinese Restaurants Near Me:

If you have a smartphone, then you should conside installing one of these apps. We have researched and listed the best apps for you, making it easier to always find restaurants in your area, wherever you are.

The Yelp App (iOS/Android/BlackBerry/WP7/WebOS) is probably the most famous restaurant review and ratings website. Yelp has apps for almost all phones and platforms. The Yelp App uses your phone’s GPS to look for both bars and restaurants. The simply filter the results based on opening times, type of food (for example “Chinese Food”, and the estimated food cost.

The Google Places App (iOS/Android) is actually fairly new compared to other restaurant discovery apps. But with Google’s large database of restaurant addresses, you can easily search for chinese restaurants or chinese take aways with mobile phone.  Using Android, the Google Places app is a part of Google Maps.

The Tripadvisor App is packed with chinese restaurant reviews in pretty much any given big city. You cannot search with gps location, but you can read reviews for the most popular restaurants in any major city, and then click through to the map function.

The OpenTable App  (iOS/Android/BlackBerry/WP7/WebOS) is an collaboration with Yelp for restaurant reservations and restaurant reviews. The OpenTable app enables you to see nearby restaurants using a top-down map, and to receive points and discounts for reservations.

The Urbanspoon App (iOS/Android/BlackBerry) is popular for its “shake to randomly select a place to have lunch”  function. But the Urbanspoon  App also enables you to share reviews with friends and look for chinese restaurants in your area. Urbanspoon also include reviews from food blogs and newspapers.

GrubHub’s App is aimed at Chinese food delivery and takeaway restaurants only.  Grubhub offers delivery from 30000+ restaurants in 800+ cities. You can search for take out restaurants by address or current location.

Foodspotting App (iOS/Android/BlackBerry/WP7)

When you are using Foodspotting, you can take pictures of the food and drink that you like, upload it, share some thoughts, and then tell the community your location. When you use the mobile app, you’re shown photos of dishes near you, not just a list of restaurants in your neighbourhood. The community can then like and share your photos.

Seamless also has a similar app to Grubhub’s for Chinese Food takeaways. Seamless still offer a working app with more than 12000 restaurants included, though they were recently bought out by Grubhub.

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